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+[title] Introduction
+[* icon_caution] The Bear X-End and Bear Extruder are matched to each other and cannot be used separately. As a unit, they are completely compatible with stock Prusa MK2.5, MK3, Bear Upgraded MK2.5, and Bear Upgraded MK3
+[* icon_note] If you are upgrading an existing Original Prusa or clone, you need to first disassemble the x-axis and extruder. Save all the parts as some will be reused. Check the smooth rods for wear or damage. Now is a good time to replace worn rods and linear bearings.
+[* icon_note] To save time later, check all the printed parts. Check that screw holes are clear to allow the screws to slide in without excessive pressure. Once the electrical components have been added, you don’t want to be struggling with a tight screw which increases the risk of damaging a wire.

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