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Step Lines

+[title] Disassembly
+[* black] Remove the screws holding the z-tops in place.
+[* red] Pull the z-tops off the smooth rods.
+[* orange] Remove the screws securing the trapezoidal nuts and spin those nuts to the top of the lead screws and remove them. They will be reused.
+[* yellow] Lift the x-end off the z-axis rods.
+[* green] ***MK2s and MK2.5 only:*** Remove the two M2x12 screws securing the x-end limit switch.
+[* light_blue] Remove the three screws holding the x-end motor.
+[* blue] Replace the rod tensioning screws with fully threaded M3x30 screws and drive out the smooth rods from the x-end-idler.
+[* violet] Pull the rods out of the x-end-motor.