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Revision to Bear FAQ

Grégoire Saunier

We are providing optional parts for other extruders or hardware but unfortunately we don’t have time to test them and so we can’t support them officially. Those optional parts might require different firmware on which we have no control and don’t know how well they are tested. Please refer to their manual, assembly instructions and support.
+== Which Full Bear frame do I have? ==
+Measure the length of your Y axis extrusion as seen on the picture below.
+* If the length is '''311 mm''' long (±1mm) you have the MK2(S) or MK2.5(S) Bear 2.0 frame.
+* If the length is '''331 mm''' long (±1mm) you have the MK3(S) Bear 2.0 frame which is the same frame as Bear 2.1 MK2(S), MK2.5(S) and MK3(S).
+The Bear 2.0 frame can be updated to Bear 2.1 without changing the frame. Check the optional parts of Bear 2.1 frame.
== Are the Bear X-Ends compatible with the original Prusa extruders? ==

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