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Revision to Bear FAQ

Grégoire Saunier

We recommend genuine Gates idlers from E3D-Online.
+== What filament should I use for my printed parts ==
+All our project comes with recommend filament type in the '''print settings''', be sure to check those. In general, we use plain PETG (without carbon fiber nor glitter).
+Plain PETG is what we use to test and develop our parts so if you use something else you might experience various issues (brittleness, rusting, flammability, etc.). PETG is also the most reliable filament you can find in term of print quality, accuracy, mechanical properties (not too brittle but not too flexible), ease of use and flammability.
+For extruder's shroud (fan ducts) we recommend ABS over plain PETG as it needs more heat resistance.
+Please consider recycled filaments such as Filamentive or GreenGate3D.
+* Additives such as glitter are reducing the quantity of plastic in your filament. This could change the mechanical properties and reduce layer bonding
+* Glitter could rust metal part as they are sometimes made of metallic flakes
+* A filament with too much carbon fiber can make the parts too brittle. Adding more perimeters or infill will not always solve this issue.
+* We don't know if additives like glitter or carbon fiber can make your part more flammable so we recommend to test this first and use at your own risk.
+Those are only our recommendations and for sure everybody is free to test and use what they like. Don't hesitate to share your feedback as well, we are always happy to test new things and improve our work
== My screws and nuts are floating, is there a problem with the design? ==

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