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Changes to Step #11

Edit by 3D_Gussner

Edit approved by Grégoire Saunier


Step Lines

-[* black] Plug both side of you Dupon cable into the heated bed thermistor connector on the Rambo.
+[* black] Plug both sides of you Dupon cable into the ***heated bed thermistor connector*** on the controller board.
[* red] The ***Err: MAXTEMP BED*** error message must be displayed on the printer.
-[* light_blue] The heated bed temperature must be set to a very high value.
+[* light_blue] The displayed heated bed temperature should show a very high value. (See example picture: ***368***/0°)
[* black] Quickly plug back the heated bed thermistor and let the hotend cool down under 50°C.
[* black] Turn off the printer and reconnect the hotend thermistor.
[* icon_caution] If this step behaves differently please verify your connection and firmware. If it continues stop using your printer and contact us or ask for help.