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Changes to Step #31

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Step Lines

+[* icon_reminder] Direct links to the original Prusa assembly guides: [|MK3 (B3/R2 design)], [|MK3 (B7/R3 design)], [|MK3S].
+[* violet] Attach the heated bed textile sleeve (or spiral wrap) to the heated right of the electronic cover.
+ [* icon_note] This is image shows the design of the MK3 B7/R3 or MK3S electronic cover. The MK3 B3/R2 design is slightly different.
+[* blue] Using a Philips screwdriver, connect the heated bed wires:
+ [* red] Positive red wire goes on the red circle
+ [* black] Negative black wire goes on the black circle
+[* blue] Tighten the screws ***firmly***.
+[* icon_caution] Double check you have connected the wires in the correct order and orientation.

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