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Measure all the perimeters of your cube and calculate the average.

Calculate your new extrusion multiplier using the formula on the second image. Here is an example:

Your old extrusion multiplier = 0.95 and your average perimeter thickness = 0.43mm.

Your are using a 0.4mm nozzle, so your extrusion width is 0.45mm.

Your new extrusion multiplier = (0.95 · 0.45)/0.43 = 0.994.

Enter the new extrusion multiplier value in the filament settings page of Prusa Slicer

Print the part again to verify the value is correct. Repeat the previous steps if necessary.

Tip: The extrusion multiplier is generally constant for a whole spool (if you do not change temperature) but the filament diameter will change. Therefore, before slicing a part, measure the filament diameter you are going to use and enter it into Prusa Slicer

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