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If you have set up a different extruder steps/mm value (e_step) than stock in the past we recommend resetting it to its default.

E step calibration isn't a reliable way to calibrate your extrusion because you are not measuring where it matters (what goes out of the nozzle). It is also a painful process to adjust e_step per type of filaments, the extrusion multiplier in PrusaSlicer is a lot easier to handle.

We recommend a micrometer instead of a caliper for the following steps. Calipers are not precise enough to measure such small values and a micrometer has a ratchet system made to apply same pressure for all measures.

If you still want to use caliper, make sure to always use the same pressure when you measure and don't press too strongly.

Tip: If you like to buy a micrometer, choose a quality one. We can recommend Mitutoyo 102-301 for its low price and quality. You can also check second hands market. Some recommended brands: Etalon, Mahr, Mitutoyo, Tesa, Starrett.

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