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If you do not have the textile sleeve, these instructions apply to the plastic spiral wrap as well.

The 3mm nylon filament can also be a piece of 2.85mm nylon filament for 3D printers.

The textile sleeve should be 13mm outside diameter and 490mm long.

Insert the 3mm nylon filament into the end of the cable_guide_back.

The nylon filament should slide in at least 10 mm. If you have trouble inserting it, the nylon filament end may need to be tapered with a diagonal cut and/or needle nose pliers may need to be used to get a better grip.

Wrap a few centimetres of the textile sleeve around all of the cables coming out of the x_carriage_back. Do not wrap the nylon or hotend cables.

Slide the textile wrap up to the x_carriage_back and make it as tight as possible around the cables.

Insert two zip ties, through the bottom of the cable guide and use them to secure the hotend cables. Take care to position the zip ties as shown.

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