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Direct links to the original Prusa electronics assembly guides: MK2(S), MK2.5, MK2.5S

Plug the following connectors:

Extruder thermistor (has yellow and green heat shrink).

Front extruder fan (has a red heat shrink). The red wire must face up, on the side of the extruder's thermistor.

LCD cable with TWO stripes (named EXP2 on the LCD board)

LCD cable with ONE stripe (named EXP1 on the LCD board)

Check the orientation of the LCD cables. The locator tab, on the connector, should match the white drawing on the RAMBo Mini board. Typically this means that the red stripe on the ribbon cable is towards the top of the board, as shown.

Check that all connectors are properly plugged in and no wire is under tension or pinched!

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