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Direct links to the original Prusa electronics assembly guides: MK2(S), MK2.5, MK2.5S

Gather together PSU cables with the right Z motor (on the PSU side). Those cables are too short to be rooted to the back on MK2(S)/MK2.5(S).

Create an S with the Y end stop cable to avoid straining this wire.

The Y motor cable is a little too long. To help with the wiring you can create a small loop with the excess length.

Gather the Y motor cable and Y end stop cable and add 4 zip ties to group the cables as shown in the image. Do not tighten the zip ties yet as you may need to readjust the position of some cables.

Make sure no wire is under tension. Do not over-tighten the zip ties or you could damage the wires.

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